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OH NO! Has Mona Lisa's Boyfriend Vikrant Singh Rajpoot Dumped Her?


Ever since Mona Lisa has entered Bigg Boss 10, there have been numerous speculations about her close proximity to commoner Manu Punjabi. Although the two have always denied their relationship, the way they talk and behave, it becomes a little too suspicious. Their proximity sure raises a few eyebrows. 

Mona's boyfriend Vikrant Singh Rajpoot was on the show as well and claimed that he feels Mona is an actress and is only doing what she knows best-acting. Manu's fiance Priya too slammed Mona. In fact it seemed as if Vikrant knew Mona too well and had faith in her. 

Now, we hear that Vikrant has decided to call off their relationship. "Vikrant is really miffed at Mona's behaviour and feels she isn't as serious as him. Hence he has decided to dump her. But he will definitely take a final call once she is out of the house."

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