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OMG!! Manu Punjabi’s Fiancée & Monalisa’s Boyfriend To Be On Bigg Boss 10


It’s a well known fact that something is going on between commoner Manu Punjabi and celebrity Monalisa in Bigg Boss 10, even though the two of them have denied it time and again. Though both maintain they are just friends but their chemistry and closeness cannot be ignored. Priya Saini and Vikrant Singh Rajpoot, their respective other halves have made their stand pretty clear by expressing their disappointment on their growing intimacy.

While Vikrant said he is now confused about his relationship status with Mona, Manu's fiancee Priya has labelled Mona as “despo” and does not hold Manu at fault. Well, things are about to get interesting and super spicy as both Priya and Vikrant will be making an entry on Weekend Ka War With Salman Khan. It is said Manveer Gujjar‘s bhabi will also join them.

Woah! There sure will be a lot of explaining and mud slinging!!! We just cant wait for the weekend episode of Bigg Boss to come, Keep those pop corns ready!!!! 

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