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OMG: Om Swami Crosses His Line With Bani J In Bigg Boss 10


Bani J who is being deemed as the strongest contestant in this season, has been loosing her cool off late , first walking out of Press conference held in BB10 house yesterday and now in tonight’s episode she looses it on Om Sawmi.

Well, there is a new task for captaincy and in the middle of the task Om Swami will curse Bani J. Om Swami uses inappropriate words for her mother and family during the captaincy task. Om swami says that her mother would die. On listening to this, Bani J loses her cool on Swami, and lashes out at him. Now, no person could hear such an atrocious thing about their mother. Such a remark can drive anyone insane.

Om, later apologises to her, but such remarks don’t deserve to be forgiven. Bani seems to reject his apology and has a breakdown. She takes out her anger on the house’s door. She kicks and punches at it. She even cries in front of the camera that she is done with the game, and can’t handle such dirt anymore.

We have got to wait and watch for what repercussions Om faces for his rude remark. To know that this is the man who has a following of thousands, and claims to be a Godman is just sad. we don't understand why are the housemates and even Salman khan taking his shit!

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