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3 Best Alternative To Groom Your Bikini Area (Say No to Waxing)!


We all love a well groomed bikini area, but often we get scared out from the wax and the thought of someone else getting down. The topic is never discussed, but to keep yourself clean it's really important to groom your pubic area well. So, especially for those who can't resist the thought of hot wax getting down there, we have got you covered with 3 best alternatives to it. But before you start scrolling, make sure you do a patch test, to make sure it works for you or not.

#1 Shaving
Shaving is one of the best alternative to waxing, and with Gillette Venus, things have got really smooth. Also, it's a great option for those travelling for work or in different part of the worlds. If you want to know the right way to shave Miss Guiltybytes, tells you the right way to shave and tips for aftercare here

#2 Hair removal creams
If you just want to clear your bikini line and don't want to pay a visit to salon, then hair removal creams are the best bet. It's a great painless way to groom your bikini line. Just always remember to do a patch test before you try any new method. Also, make sure you don't use it to remove all your pubic hair. Since the area down there is very sensitive.

#3 Epilating!
Another easy to remove at home method is to epilate. The device removes hair from the roots which means you stay hair free for a quite long time. Although the process is little painful but nothing in comparison to waxing. Always make sure to moisturize after you are done with epilating, Before you start the process, take a warm bath to make your hair soft down there.

So, how are you going to groom your bikini area?

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