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How To Shave, Benefits & Tips || Gillette Venus


I have been shaving for so many years now owing to my Army Dad's posting in places that you must have not even heard names of. Now that I am married to a soldier myself, I couldn't be happier to be banking on my most favorite method of hair removal after-all its not only accessible but really an effective way of hair removal. Today I am going to be sharing benefits of shaving and my shaving schedule that has worked for me over the years...

For the starters, shaving doesn't affect your hair type or growth and here are some myths that I busted in my previous post that you must check out. Before you begin to shave, you must know that shaving exfoliates your skin like no other!! Daily shaving is SAFE, quick and effective. While its effective, it's inexpensive at the same time. To get the best shave one needs to follow the right method and here are some measures that work the best for me.

Make sure that you hydrate your skin well. It's is integral to soak your hair in the shower or bath for 3-5 minutes to soften them before the razor is applied. Preparing your skin is just as important to get a smooth shave. 

Follow this up by using a protective shave gel like Satin Care Sensitive Skin shave gel. The shaving gel helps retain water in the hair and ensures that the razor glides easily over your skin, protecting you from potential nicks and cuts. A shaving gel also keeps a track of where you’ve shaved to avoid missing any spots. 

The shaving direction really makes an overall difference on how the hair is removed from the surface of the skin. Using a light touch without too much pressing is the best way to take it ahead. For your underarms, shave from all angles—up, down and sideways to get the best results. And for the bikini area, shave in the direction of hair growth first (inward) and against for an extra-close shave. You can shave as much as you want- some women need it daily, some only twice a week- do what makes you feel right and confident! 

You have to moisturize your skin post shaving in order to hydrate it well. Apply a rich, thick moisturizer as soon as you rinse your skin. Incase your skin is on the drier side, then apply the moisturizer twice, you can also consider using aloe vera juice on the shaved area to soothe the skin and avoid any irritations. 

How do you shave? Do share your tips by dropping a comment below. 

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  3. moisturize your skin post shaving in order to hydrate it well

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