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3 Best & Super Easy Ways To Make Your Own DIY Wedding Signs!


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The weddings signs have recently gained popularity and have become a must have decor on your big day. While everyone is going crazy and opting for the same old signs. We at #Wedstreetstyle are busy finding ways to help you DIY it on your own. Yes! It's no more just a wedding decor, if you love DIYs then here are 3 best and super easy ways to do it. 
So, take out your gluesticks and get ready for some fun. 

#1 Get some stickers & ribbons and create your own signs!
You can easily get some fancy stickers in the market on simply visit Crafters Corner and buy some pretty stickers, embellishment and ribbons. Now, arrange your stickers, ribbons and embellishment the way you want and apply some glue on to it (to make the stickers stay). Let it dry and tadda your own easy DIY is ready. You can call in you family and ask them to help and make a beautiful DIY backdrop from it.
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#2 Engraved Wooden Sign!
If you thought wooden signs are always customized and can be DIY, then you are wrong. Here is an easy way you can create your own wooden sign. All you need is a wooden board, and an engraving tool, you can get one from Amazon India. Now. engraving a fancy quote on to it. And paint it with water colours. Your beautiful wedding sign is ready to add charm to your wedding.
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#3 Chalkboard wedding Signs!
If you have any silver vintage tray, then revamp it and convert it into a pretty wedding sign. Paint it in a black colour, let it dry and write your wedding quotes on it! 
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