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6 Super Easy TIps To Get On Point Matte Lipstick!


Matte lipsticks are back in trend, from brides to Bollywood, almost the whole world is going gaga over it. However, not everyone get them right for various reasons, so, to guide you through, we are here. Just scroll down and get your lipstick game on point!

#1 Exfoliate 
The first step to start with is always, always exfoliate your lips, as it's important to remove the dry skin on your lips. The best way to exfoliate your lips is by gently using toothbrush on your lips and wash it with the lukewarm water or simply take a paper towel. 

#2 Moisturize 
Just like our face are lips gets dried up soon, so to avoid it, always moisturize them well with a good  quality lip balm. Then put on your favourite matte lipstick and show off your style.

#3 Right colour!
If you are experimenting it for the first time, then do not jump on any random colour which you had seen on your friends. Rather go for a neutral shade as they are easy to carry, and switch on the darker shades later on.

#4 Lip Pencil!
Matte lipsticks tends to smudge faster and gets out of the lips soon, so to avoid it, always use a good quality lip liner, outline your lips. Once the outer lining is done, pick a lip liner matching your lipstick and fill in the inner sides, this trick will give you a long lasting lip colour without smudging.

#5 Lip Brush!
To create a perfect pouty lips, always apply your lipstick with a lip brush. It will not only help filling the gap, but also fill the colours to your corners as well.

#6 Highlighter
Use a highlighter in the middle of  your lower lip, if you feel like something is missing. And you are all set to go out.

Have any tips to share with us, do let us know in the comments below!

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