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4 Ways To Look Your Best In A Little Black Dress This Winter!


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The one wardrobe staple that's the most prized possession and easy to find on nothing to wear days is a little black dress. It's one of the ready and style piece that gets you ready set go within minutes. But when winters come the little black dress looses it's charm in midst of the heavy woolens and the cold winds. So, to make your little black dress a hit this winters we are back with our styling game on. Read on as we tell you 4 chic and stylish ways to keep yourself warm in a little black dress.

#1 Tights are right!
There is nothing more sexier than layering up yourself with tights. Like in winters tights add on the charm to your personality, whether it's a fishnet tights or a see-through one, they have a beauty of their own. So, do layer your LBD with tights this winter of an office meeting or a get-together with friends.
Style tips: Do smear you lips with a blush pink lipstick and let your hair loose.

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#2 Boot it up!
It's winters you need to carry boots with your little black dress. Boots can make your dress more dressy and right for a cold winter day. It adds the edge to your outfit, choose solid colour boots like black and brown to make amp your style quotient.
Style Tip: Do carry a statement necklace in pop colour with your black dress to add the right mix of colour to your outfit.
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#3 Cardigan story!
How about layering dress with a long cardigan. This way you will be able to add more colour to your outfit, and make one happy look out of it for winter day out. Just choose any long cardigan in a pop colour or simple brown. And make your little black dress ready for a lunch date. It's a great way to keep yourself away from cold and look stylish.
Style Tip: Keep your hair tied up in a high bun and add chunks of jewellery to look your best for a lunch date.
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#4 Scarf it up
A simple scarf can brighten up any outfit, so why not make it a hit this winter. Just team it up with your black dress for some casual look. Tie your hair in a pony tail and tadda you are ready. You can add summer scarves too over your dress.
Style tip: You can wrap it around your neck or just let it loose on your shoulder, either way every style will look best.
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So, how are you going to style your little black dress this winter?

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  1. This dress is looking so cute and black color is my fav and this best black dress so simple . thank you so much.