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5 Super Cute DIY Wedding Decor Ideas For The Fun Bride!


Gone are the days when wedding and the functions before it were stick to boring decor, same old curtain colours, and gendha phool. Now-a-days brides are taking up the charge and planning there own wedding, after all it's one of the most important milestone, from our name to our home everything changes. We have a right to make this day memorable in on our own way.
So, if you love DIY Projects and want to add some real fun to your wedding, then how about decorating it on your own, and by this we mean why not add some DIY decorations to your wedding venue. And we are sure it will turn out a great keepsake from your wedding.

#1 Simple flower backdrop!
This one is a simple DIY project, that doesn't require much of your time. All you need to do is take a stand and add beautiful  flower strings to it, decorate it with fairy lights and taddda your beautiful backdrop for the stage is ready. You can have fun with it by adding creative signs to it.
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#2 The pretty paper cranes!
If you always loved origami, the famous paper folding then you will surely want to do this fun DIY project for your wedding. Create your own paper cranes decor for your mehendi night. Since, mehendi is mostly a ghar ka function, you can easily make your home turn into a beautiful mehendi venue with colourful cranes.
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#3 DIY Tea lights decor
If you are getting married in winters, make your wedding warm by adding tea-lights as your decor. All you need to do is take a mason jar, and add fairy lights to it, or take simple shot glasses, sprinkle some glitter on it, and you are done.
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#4 DIY Your Wedding banner!
For once, don't go with what you wedding planner is telling you, instead and some fun to your wedding by DIYing your own wedding banner from Miss to Mrs., this will turn out to be a beautiful keepsake.
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#5 DIYing your own photo backdrop
Yup, it's easy and simple. And your whole family can help you get started, create your own photo backdrop by adding signs and flowers to it, also you can add fairylights for the extra glam.
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So, how are you are going to DIY you wedding?

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