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7 Things You Should Know Before Selecting Your Wedding Day Lingerie!


Dear brides-to-be,
While you are busy finding the pretty outfit for your wedding and matching jewellery with it. You are forgetting one of the most important thing, your wedding day lingerie. We live in an illusion that there is nothing as such wedding day lingerie but that's where you are mistaking. You can accentuate your looks by simply choosing the right lingerie. So, we are here to help you out finding the right lingerie for your wedding day. Also, check here  if you are looking for what kind of bra you should select for your wedding day!

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#1 Note the right time to shop!
Remember when you are planning to shop for lingerie, don't hurry. As you might lose some extra Killos and choosing a lingerie before it, will be a waste. Also, you should wait for your final lehenga fittings accordingly you will be able to select it right.

#2 Padded blouse or bra?
Well, we all get confused, but you should always go for the one that has more pros. A padded blouse will save you from the peek-a-boo moments, your blouse will look well fitted. However your bra will always give you the right support. Our advice opt for padded blouse if you are going for a low back designs or deep necks in the front.

#3 Say yes to shape wears!
 We all think that shape wears are only for the plus size, but wrong, a shape wear is a great way to accentuate your body. It shows off the right fit and make you one pretty bride. Also, it works great with problem areas like lower tummy and love handles.

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#4 Seamless!
Seamless briefs are best for you, if you are wearing a tight fitted cocktail dress, without any doubt opt for a seamless inner wears. As the lines are not visible in this one. Also, if you are wearing a lehenga or saree in fishcuts the seamless brief will always help you save the awkwardness.

#5 Right size!Do you know more than of the girls wear wrong bra size, because they are not guided properly. But for your wedding, you must consult the expert, before selecting the right lingerie. You can easily find them in malls and big stores.

#6 Fabrics are important too!
We know you might want to try on some silk fantasies but believe us it's not good for the long hours. And on your wedding you will be struck in those for a whole night. Don't go for something  you are trying for the first time as it will be really uncomfortable for you.
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#7  Avoid new things
Why go for something entirely new that you haven't worn your whole life. It's your wedding. it's already complicated, don't complicate it more by selecting something you aren't comfortable in. Stick to those you know suits you best and avoid what you can't wear.

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  1. You can also choose your bra shape according to your body type.