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Bigg Boss 10: Find Out What Bani J And Rohan Mehra's Punishment For Assaulting Om Swami!


Om Swami has crossed all the limits in the show during a captaincy task with his disgusting act. For a captaincy task, both Bani and Om had to make their individual pyramids and the other housemates could support anyone between Bani and Om. All the contestants were trying to support Bani and they tried to break Om Swami’s pyramid again and again. This didn't go well with Om Swami and he threw his piss on Bani. After this, Bani kicked him and Rohan again slapped him. Om has already been kicked out from the house owing to this gross act. 
But, according to the rule of the house against Physical assault, What about Bani and Rohan? 

Well, Bigg Boss 10 have decided not to take any action against Bani and Rohan. Good News and Good sense prevails!!!

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