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BREAKING:Swami Om Kicked Out Of BB10 House For This Disgusting Act


So it has finally happened! Swami Om who is clearly psychotic with a criminal bent of mind ,ruthless and dangerous has been giving sleepless nights to Bigg Boss housemates since long. The man resorts to all kinds of cheap and dangerous antics supposedly for publicity and audience. This fake god of man has had the alarm bells ringing since long, then why was he allowed to continue in the show - just for TRP's ?

There is no doubt that Om Swami is an intolerable and bizarre contestant of the show but now what he has done now is beyond all limits. Swami Om crossed all boundaries shame and threw his pee on co contestant Bani, enraging all other inmates and drawing a slap from Rohan and a kick from Bani herself! This time the whole house decided to unite against the crazy man!  

Bigg Boss had introduced a captaincy task between Swami om and VJ Bani. For the task, they had to make their own pyramid and housemates could support who they wanted to see as the next captain between Swami Om and Bani. In order to support, housemates tried their best to fall Swami Om's pyramid again and again. This left him furious and he took this ridiculous and disgusting step.VJ Bani literally kicked Om Swami while Rohan Mehra slapped him once again. This time the whole house was standing with what Bani and Rohan have done with OM Swami. All the housemates were furious and demanded Bigg Boss to take action against him. The makers after some deliberation and contemplation finally decided to kick him out! Om refused to leave the house but Bigg boss called security & he was fired by the security force from the house.

Hopefully we wouldn't be seeing both Priyanka Jagga and Swami Om on Grand finale!

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