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OMG! Salman Khan To Boycott BB10 Grand Finale Because Of Om Swami?


Rumors have been rife that Om Swami will be a part of the Bigg Boss 10 grand finale, which is scheduled to take place on January 28. This news has come despite strong warnings from host Salman Khan who had very categorically informed the makers that he doesn’t want both Priyanka Jagga and Om Swami to be present on the finale night, but word has it that the makers have still gone ahead and invited the self-styled Godman for the finale night. 

We all know what kind of statements Swami Om has been making after being thrown out of the house, from mud slinging on the makers to calling Salman Khan an ISIS agent and even going to the extent of claiming to have slapped Salman Khan. Considering all this we know Salman is definitely not the one to take Om Swami’s comments lightly and he might consider skipping the grand finale, if Swami is attending it.

Swami even threatened the makers that he would protest outside the Bigg Boss 10 sets in Lonavala and put up a violent act if he is not made a part of the finale. Now we don’t know if the show runners fallen for Swami’s threats, but if it’s true that he will be attending the finale, we are not sure if Salman would want to be there.

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