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Rohan Mehra's Dad Responds To Slapping Controversy With Swami Om On Bigg Boss 10


The Bigg Boss house isn’t new to controversies. On Wednesday, Rohan Mehra slapped and pushed Swami Om while they were in the middle of a task. The Swami claimed to be grievously injured and despite doctor reassuring all is fine, he was taken out of the house for two hours to undergo an MRI scan. 

After the incident Bigg Boss gave Rahul the punishment of being nominated for the whole season and this didn't go down too well with Rohan. Despite pleas , he has locked himself in bathroom and wants to get in touch with his lawyer and father as he believes that he shouldnt be blamed for something that everyone does in the house(pushing Swami Om) not to forget Swami om keeps instigating every housemate during the tasks . In fact Swami om even tried to stop Rohan a day prior which led to him getting almost strangled in the process. 

Rohan Mehra's father Ravinder Mehra spoke to a leading daily and defended his son’s action reasoning that he comes from a business family, was a National-level table tennis player who represented Punjab, Delhi and Mussoorie and an actor who has featured in two movies and the daily soap. 
He said “Being a sportsperson, Rohan’s very focussed on the tasks and was irritated with Swami Om for his unwanted interference which was against the rules. Besides, it was Swami Om who got violent first, injuring Rohan and Manveer. He even started stripping in front of female contestants and urinated in the kitchen. Rohan is only doing this show because Salman Khan is hosting it, otherwise there is no reason to tolerate such contestants.Rohan has been really patient for 11 weeks, ignoring the Swami’s disparaging comments. Since Manveer and the Swami himself were pushing people around, Rohan must have thought it would be as bad. Rohan respects his elders and addresses them as ‘aap’. It must have taken a lot of provocation for him to forget his maryada. 

On being asked about Rohan’s decision to quit after Bigg Boss punished him by nominating him for eviction throughout the season, he says, “Rohan is a child. The makers have had a word with him and he understands that he is contractually bound to the show. I’m sure you’ll see the Swami dancing in the next episode.”

We have to agree Swami Om is more of a dhongi baba and doesn't behave or act his age, which he conveniently brings up when things don't turn as per his plans.

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