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OMG! Om Swami Threatens To Shut The Bigg Boss Show


Bigg Boss 10 contestant Om swami has given many sleepless nights to the housemates since day 1 along with his partner in crime Priyanka Jagga, who is now out of the show. Swami Om has left no stone upturned to grab all kinds of attention and add spioce in the house. He has resorted to all kinds of cheap antics from making personal remarks on the women and to threatening the housemates. He has been evicted in the past but keeps coming back seems like he is helping to cash in big and raise the TRPs of the show.

As per reports of BOC Om Swami, who had once again made an emergency exit due to his case hearing has returned back but before entering the house, you won’t believe what Om Swami did! Om Swami threatened the makers of the show! Can you believe it? Om Swami threatened the team of Bigg Boss that he should be declared the winner of the show or else his supporters will not spare them. He even threatened to bring his union on the grand finale of the show to take strict action against them.

Do you guys think the makers led him to behave in this manner, so much so that this man has the guts to threaten Bigg Boss team to shut their show! High time he is shown the door we say! What a criminal!

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