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VJ Bani Talks About Her Relationship With Boyfriend Yuvraj Thakur In Bigg Boss 10 House!


Bigg Boss 10 contestant VJ Bani is making headlines now a days. Yes, the hottest contestant has become the talk of the town and day by day she is coming out as a strong candidate. We must say Bani is getting all the limelight. VJ Bani never openly spoke about her love life. But, now she has finally accepted her relationship with Yuvraj Thakur and it looks like now she is open to discuss ing Yuvraj inside the Bigg Boss house. 

In behind the scenes when her co competitor Nitibha Kaul asked VJ Bani how she met first time with Yuvraj, she said,"We didn’t date for a while. So this one day, he was in the gym. He took off his T-shirt. So I told the manager of the gym that no one can take off their T-shirt when I am in the gym, and we laughed it off. He got a bit shy and said he wanted to take a picture. So I told him if you want to take a picture then take with me. That is the first time we spoke.” 

On Yuvraj's post on Instagram she said,"I saw the post and I thought it was a bit too much. So after that every time I saw him n the gym, I used to make fun of him. And then he started smiling. That’s the first time I noticed him smiling and he has a very cute smile." 

Aww!What a cute story!

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