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#BrideGuide: 3 Bed Time Tips To Help You Lose Weight Soon!


Well, if you are about to get married and doing your best to loose some extra killos, but fail to do so. Then how about try some bed time habits, it's proven a goodnight sleep not only you help you shine but also makes  you loose some weight too. Read on as we guide you through.

#1 Drink Milk while you sleep! 
If you are struggling hard to diet, and always fail. Then drink warm milk or eat yogurt before you sleep, it helps in combat hunger pangs and gives you a goodnight sleep. Also, it doesn't even add calories while you sleep.

#2 Switch off the lights!
No matter how silly it sounds but switching off your lights while you sleep, your body produces the melatonin hormone that helps you sleep and produces calorie burning fat. So, if your room has light curtain and a constant light is thrown through them, switch your curtains to darker shade, and sleep in a room without light.

#3 Sleep on time!
When you sleep on time regularly, then your body helps you stay fit and you burn more calorie. Also, it is believed that lack of calories release fatty cells. So, no more late night talks, sleep on time to stay fit before you tie the knot.

Tips to help you sleep well!
- Skip the evening coffee, as caffeine in it, don't let you sleep.
- Avoid eating atleast 3 hours before bed.
- Go to sleep on the same time every day to loose some weight.

Well, we are sure this change in routine will help you loose some calories.    

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