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#BrideGuide: 4 Easy Ways To Save Your Lips From Getting Chapped This Winter!


If you are a winter bride, then one problem you all must be facing is chapped lips. Well, we can relate too it, with winters comes the dry skin and chapped lips. And you always keep you favourite lip balm to the rescue, but sometimes it's not just enough. So, to keep you winter ready and save you from chapped lips, we are here with some easy tips to follow. Scroll down & get soft winter ready lips!

#1 Apply coconut oil daily!
Do not skip it in winters, do apply either coconut oil or your lip balm before going to bed and after waking up. Make it a routine, in winters our lips dry up faster, so you should always get ready to save your lips, from the cold.

#2 Do not lick!
Most of us has this tendency of licking the lips, we understand that it's difficult to resist licking when our lips get dry, but licking them can make it more dry. To keep your lips moisturize keep them hydrated by using lip balms whenever you feel like.

#3 Say no to matte lipsticks!
We know you love your matte lipsticks, but in winter avoid using them instead go for colours that have inbuilt moisturizer to soothe your lips. However, if you can't leave your matte lipstick at home, then our advice, do moisturize them 

#4 Use Aloe vera!
Aloe vera on your lips can do wonders. It's rich in vitamin E and hence it helps preventing your lips from drying up. Also, it heals already dried up lips quickly. So, do add it in your beauty routine to get gorgeous lips.

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