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5 Super Foods to get the perfect Glow on Wedding


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Finally you said yes! And now is the time to start prepping up your skin to get that radiant glow while you walk down the aisle. We know you might be getting lot of advice from what to eat to what not to eat. And midst of all the advices and suggestion you are confused because either you don’t like that food or its super weird to eat it.
Wedstreetstyle team had picked 5 Super Foods that are yummiest and you must eat to get that glow on your wedding day.

Hello Berries  

No matter its blueberry, strawberry or raspberries they all are good for getting that perfect glow. They all are rich in Vitamin C that’s one ingredient necessary for healthy skin. It will help you brighten skin, fights the ageing issues and says goodbye to acne. Take two berries each day, starting from today to make sure you get that confident skin, while you walk down the aisle.
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Heard of those DIY face masks, in which the eggs are main ingredient to get the radiant glow. Well, incorporating them into your diet is a nice step to start with. They are rich in Vitamin B which will help you fight any skin related problems or diseases. Take one egg in your breakfast to make every jaw drop on your wedding day.
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For those who have a pale, dull skin mangoes are the ultimate food. Before your wedding, go on a mango diet and it will work wonders to your skin. It contains high amount of Vitamin A which helps in maintaining the skin glow. Also, it’s low on calories, so it will help to get rid of that baby fat on your tummy.
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There is a reason why we brides-to-be are advised to drink lot of water; it helps to get that shine on the face. But if you can’t drink lot of water or always forgets, then here is a substitute for it. Eat handful of almonds. Either soaked in water or consumed as they are, almonds help retain the water in our body and keep our skin hydrated.
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Another magical fruit that will help you get glowing for your wedding day is avocados. Not just its pulp, but also the peel of it is magical for the skin as they are rich in Vitamin B. It helps in getting smooth and healthy skin for the wedding. You can eat them either in salads or as a smoothie or as they are.   
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