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REVIEW: Nykaa Rock The Line Kajal, Nykaa EyeM Black Kajal & Nykaa 24Hrs Vinyl Luxe Eyeliner


Nykaa after its successful range of Nail paints and Lipsticks has introduced 3 new eye products Rock The Line Gel Kajal, EyeM Black Kajal and 24Hrs Vinyl Luxe liquid eyeliner which they sent over to us for review.  Kajals are a staple for the girl of today and I do not leave my house without applying kajal on my waterline and many a times liner on my eyelids.

With Nykaa introducing their own range of Kajals and liner I am more than excited to try them on and share my experience with everyone.

Nykaa Rock The Line Kajal 
Price Rs 199 for 0.36g

First Impression This kajal is very convenient to use because of its retractable packaging. It is creamy, easy to use and glides smoothly on the eye. This kajal has an intense black shade which I personally love in a kajal. This kajal isn't as smudge proof as promised, as it tends to bleed on the inner corner of the eye. but what i love about this one is that it really lasts long. Its pricing is my favourite part as it totally delivers as per the cost in the market making it perfect for daily usage.

Rating 4/5

Nykaa EyeM Black Kajal
Price Rs.375 for 1.2g

First Impression
Here’s a winning combination! Nykaa’s EyeM Black Kajal Gel Kajal comes in a simple packaging and is basically a gel liner in pencil form as it brings you the gel finish to perfection! This Kajal is very creamy, pigmented and glides on the waterline like a dream. It is very easy to use especially loved by those who like Intense black colored kajals. This kajal is waterproof but not 100% smudge proof but lasts quite long on the waterline like 7-8 hours. It can be used as both a kajal or a liner. Nykaa EyeM Black Kajal comes with a German precision sharpener as well. I would definitely recommend this kajal as it's worth its cost.

Rating: 4.5/5

Nykaa 24Hrs Vinyl Luxe Eyeliner
Price Rs.699 for 1.7ml

First Impression
This liner is liquid which is very pigmented and has a silky matte finish which I personally loved. This liner tends to dry up fast which is again very advantageous as it doesnt get spread on other areas of the eyes during application. This water-resistant liquid liner glides on with utmost ease, without smudging or running and gives a satin gel matte finish! It lasts really long in my case about 9-10 hours after application. It is very intense black pigmented liner and totally delivers what it promises. I loved the liner and would definitely recommend it to my followers.
Rating: 5/5

#GuiltybytesTurns5 GIVEAWAY!!

Since I loved these products so much, I have decided to Give these three new eye products from Nykaa to one lucky reader! Share how decking up your eyes make you feel on a blue day using the hashtag #GuiltyBytesTurns5 on Instagram or by dropping a comment below and one of you will win this Nykaa Rock The Line Kajal, Nykaa EyeM Black Kajal & Nykaa 24Hrs Vinyl Luxe Eyeliner from me~

The Giveaway ends on 2nd Feb, 2017. All photos clicked by Aditya Raghu

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  1. Well....Blue days are what we all dont want...but is u predictable ..and so very often these kinda days become a part of our is on to choose to survive on such days:D ...I believe decking up eye makeup...makes anyday beautiful...Just a stroke in lower part of eyes...with a small winged liner is all i need! I often love how good does the White/Brown kajal looks on eyes... I simply cannot step out of my home with eye makeup...It is essential part of my daily routine...! And coming to just to winged it..a small one...yet a little broad.! That's All...Do it! Rock even on blue days..! ��
    Instagram: Because_be_beautiful
    Name: Sana Khan

  2. Hie devina I first wanna tell you that you are a true beauty in and out and I love your posts so much I blown away by your looks of your marriage functions and your Gillette satin shavinhpost has been so helpful to me so I totally rely on you to review the products so thank you so much for helping us in deciding what is to be done and how to done and congrats that guiltybites turns 5 many more years to come you go girl .Well blue days are a part of our life it's depend on us wether we want to be upset on that or want to extract some happiness from that an eyemakeup for me is like it's brings relaxation on blue days I keep busy to look in the mirror to my eyes constantly that I love that so my winged eyeliner is in my daily routine hope this nykaa products will help me and I hope that I win because I can't resist to try all these products because your ratings are so good ��������

    1. A little eyemakeup never hurts so I hope to win this #guiltybitesturns5 ��������

  3. #guiltybytesturns5

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Hey,
    I loved your outfit and you are looking quite beautiful too. 😍
    Huge congratulations because #GuiltyBytesTurns5 🎊
    Thank you for the lovely opportunity.
    For me, without kajal and eyeliner, even a good day becomes a blue day. Each one of my friends is so used to seeing me in kajal & liner that if one day they see me without liner, they keep asking me if I am unwell or if I have cried. Now even I feel my face looks so weird and pale without kajal.πŸ˜‚ A confident face makes my blue day a much better day which can only be achieved with kajal and eye liner. 😍

  6. Hi devina congratulations...wish u more success in dis field... I really wish to win dis set.. as I'm totally makeup freak and I don't step out of my house without my liner and kajal.. as I feel some liner and kajal makes u look more beautiful.. I just love dis Nykaa kajal as I owe one.. and wish to win one from here... as I'm totally kajal and liner girl.. loads of love

  7. Hi devina. Congrats on your fifth blogversarry. I liked your reviews. I have been applying kajal since my college. I almost never miss to wear it and hence I would love to win this giveaway.

  8. Hi Devina. Many many congrats on your fifth year in blogging line. I look forward for your future blogs and videos on youtube as they are really helpful. Keep up the good workπŸ‘.
    So a kajal is a must for me as it gives me the extra confidence especially on a blue day. It not only beautify my eyes but also gives a natural look.
    Insta account- ameeshagupta1997
    Name-Ameesha Gupta

  9. A hearty congratulation on your blogs 5th anniversary. It seems that time passes by so quickly. I am following you since good 3 years now and i miss your baking videos which were shot i believe at your home. Short and cute videos with cozy background and yummy things baking was love for me. Please do them more often.
    No one wants to face blue days, when life already is so busy and demanding. But one cannot cherish the sunshine if there is no darkness, hence it is a pat of life. I am a crazy makeup lover and strongly believe that it elevates my confidence top notch and makes me believe in myself. Makeup is kind of empowerment for me or my nirvana when i feel blue. Given the fact that i am in a job which demands almost 11 hours of my day and leaving home at 7 AM in the morning leaves almost no time for me to do an full face of makeup. I rely on mostly enhancing my eyes or lips on a daily basis. I cannot stress more on the role of good eye products when it comes to my routine, all the more when i feel blue i believe in dressing up more than usually i do and just create my own sunshine to fade away those blues. It might feel like making an extra effort when the situation is not in your favor but in the end those efforts are what makes all the difference. Decking up my eyes makes me feel more expressive and this makes me a happy soul, no matter what. Also Kajal and Liner being my staple in the vanity, I cannot believe my day without them. I have already read so much about these products from you that i cannot wait to try them out. I want to try them all out and feel the difference all together. Also, a message to all my fellow readers, If you feel blue, just get out of the bed, wear the most amazing dress you have, put on your best makeup and slay it like Goddess with your own little sparkle and sunshine. No Blues can withstand it.
    I so hope to win these 3 goodies just to make all the difference in my eye makeup game.
    Once again congratulations to the #GirlBoss you are and #TeamGuiltyBytes for being where you are. Wish you all the success in the years to come.
    Insta Handel: Charu1510
    Lots of Love
    Charu Mehta

  10. Hey devina!!! A big big congratulations to you.. it's so amazing that ur blog completed 5 years!! i hope you touch many more milestones in future with the help of ur hard work and sheer passion!! πŸ’Ÿ
    I hv read all your blogs and I must share with u a lil secret that I love your work and your dimples πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹ that are so cute!!! πŸ˜πŸ˜‹
    Okhay! So when I feel blue I eat a lot when I am home πŸ˜‹ And when I go out I put on an eyeliner, my favourite lipstick and heels to uplift my mood.. these 3 are my necessities, I cnt imagine my life without them.. they give me confidence, stance and positivity πŸ’Ÿ So that's my personal mantra for a gloomy blue day πŸ˜‹
    I once again wish u a big congratulations πŸ€—πŸ€— .
    Love and regards