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Stronger Hair in 14 Days? I Took The Pantene Challenge


Hair care is the holy grail of all beauty regimes and there isn’t any feeling more satisfying than looking at the bristles of your hairbrush come out clean after you have run it through your locks! Seeing frizz, damage, and a general lack of shine despite washing every few days is an indication of bad product choice that could also be the reason for your hair fall and hair damage. I know a lot of you have known my affinity for the Pantene shampoos so when the brand launched its new products- the Best Ever Pantene I was so excited to try it.

The new Pantene shampoo comes packed with Pro-V formula and goodness of oils that makes hair stronger from the inside and most importantly it nourishes and strengthens hair from root to tip to prevent hair breakage. With constant traveling, my hair was becoming dull and dehydrated and that’s why the new best ever Pantene shampoo turned out to be a great bet. From taking up the 14-day hair challenge with my favorite celebrity Priyanka Chopra to washing my hair daily, it all turned out to be a great experience! My hair became thicker and stronger in just 14days! How you ask? When you wash your hair, you also strengthen it with the goodness of oil and Pro-V formula. The Pro-V formula strengthens your hair from root to tip. My hair now feels thicker, stronger and healthier and needless to say, happy hair make for a happy girl! First 14 days of the new year – already achieved my 2017 goal for WOW hair! Thank you New Pantene! My hair’s now thicker and stronger. I also love the fragrance of the new shampoo and it lathers well too. Despite having chemically treated hair, it suits my locks and works well for all hair types. The photos above showcase my hair in all its natural brilliance post my 14-day challenge. Both the shampoo and conditioner adds volume to the hair, reinforces hair strength and reduces hair fall by nourishing dehydrated hair strands to perfection. There is noticeably less hair fall owing to the great results from the new Pantene. Girls, it’s time to give your hair a healthy makeover and that’s why I recommend you to give the new Pantene a shot too! Now get ready to transform your hair with all new Pantene on

 Photos by Aditya Raghu. 


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