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Need Great Skin? Try These Top 5 Beauty Apps To Help You See And Feel Beautiful!


Your skin is a tell tale indicator of how you feel. Does your skin break out when you are under stress, that's not a coincidence! Like time travel our skin also undergoes changes, if you and your skin need a little boost, try these top 5 Beauty Apps in the business that will make you fall in love with your reflection:

#1 Beautiful Me: 
This new beauty app enables instant detection of a user’s skin profile. It analysis your Facebook or uploaded photos and measures the changes in  your facial features, makeup, aging and hair to help better understanding of the skin. After that, it also suggests the best products you can use as per your skin.

#2 Good Guide:
You bought a beauty product that has been just launched in the market, but don't really know if it's worth all the money! The App Good Guide rates the product by scanning the barcode. It also offers alternative products that offer same usage, can from the same brand or different.

#3 Lakmé Makeup Pro:
This app is your very own real time makeover app where the camera becomes your mirror. With this app, you can try out all the latest looks, virtually! From prepping your skin to applying makeup; this app allows you to check how each Lakmé product looks on you. Once you have created the perfect look, save it to your gallery, and the Lakmé products used will be saved for your convenience.

#4 Calm:
This app is not just another cleanse your aura app. Calm app makes you beautiful on the inside by giving guided meditation sessions, helps you relax by choosing calming images and music to boost focus ,creatively and confidence. You can choose the duration as per your preference .

#5 Sun Safe:
UV rays are very harmful for our skin. This app gives Daily UV and five day UV forecast. It warns you about conditions outside the house and what can be done to keep your skin safe from the harmful UV rays off the Sun. Depending on the details like skin type, the SPF you are wearing, your location, it predicts how much longer can you be out before your skin is damaged or burnt!

Stay you, Stay beautiful! 

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