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BrideGuide: 5 Hair Remedies From Your Grandma's Box That Actually Works!


Dear brides-to-be,
We all love silky, shiny hair and lookout for remedies oils, treatments to get one. But have you have wondered, the recipe to lustrous hair was resting in our kitchen only. Remember our Grandma's used to tell us ways to use simple kitchen ingredient. Well, they all actually works, scroll down and note them down. 

#1 Honey & Olive Oil for Shine!
The honey and olive oil remedy is the most effective to get the shine back. So, when someone tells you to mix the two and apply it on your hair, well thanks them, because it actually works. Honey will add shine to your hair, and  olive oil will make it healthy.

#2 Mayonnaise for deep conditioning!
Not many know mayonnaise is full of beneficial oil and proteins to make you hair longer and stronger. It's a great way to deep condition your hair at home. It also makes the hair shiny and the eggs helps  the hair from falling.

#3 Eggs for hair growth!
If you want silky, long hair for your wedding function, but all treatments fail, then straight head to your kitchen and take some eggs. They are loaded with proteins, hence it's a key ingredient hair needs for efficient growth.

#4 Apple cider vinegar!
If your hair gets tangled easily and you get frustrated every time while detangling your hair. Then hold on a second before you pick up the brush, instead spray some apple cider vinegar, the natural remedy will not only detangle your hair, but will also add softness to your hair texture.

#5 Avocado for conditioning!
Avocado is not just good for health but also beneficial for our hair as well. Add it in your homemade hair mask and you will notice the difference. 

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