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Girls Gear Up For The Latest Shoe Trend You Will Be Needing For 2017!


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At Guiltybytes, we always keep an eye on the emerging trends that's going to be big, and help you update your closet for the year around. While trends come and go, here is one trend that everyone with a shoe fetish will be investing it. Ankle boots have gone big and from celebrities to fashionistas, we had seen everyone flaunting one. Well, why not, while every other shoes go loose and doesn't look great with every dress, ankle boots magically fits well and look great with every outfit. 

Why Ankle Boots?
Ankle boots are skinny on the ankles, and goes perfectly well with almost all the culottes in the world. It's your go to work and date kinda shoes.They are boots with comfort and not at all bulky. 

Here is how the world styling it?

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So, when are you going to try this trend?

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  1. Wow, it's amazing. Love those shoes. Thanks for sharing.