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Super Easy Hack To Keep Your Mascara Safe From Clumping!


We love our makeup a little too much, and seeing your brand new mascara tube, dry out is like a nightmare. And no matter what brand it is, it will always dry out after some time. It gets drier and drier with every application, and there is no way to make it feel like the first time, every time.  But don't you worry, as we have found a super simple hack that can save your mascaras from clumping. Yup, scroll down and try it yourself.!

Easy Hack To Save Your Mascara From Clumping!

# Get a good brand eye drops from any medical store, yes, eye drops will help your mascara from drying out.

# Squeeze 2-4 eye drops in the mascara tube, then use a clean mascara wand to stir it.

# Shake it well, taddaa your brand new mascara is ready. Go on and have fun!

TIP- While you might think water will give you the same effect, but it will create a big problem for the waterproof mascaras, and will clump more, ruining your mascara.

If you know any beauty hacks, do share with us in the comments below 

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