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4 Wedding Hacks That Will Work Wonders To Your Big Day & Will Help You Stay A Happy Bride!


Getting married in India is a crazy affair, as the moment you announce you are getting hitched, the entire family from dada-dadi to long lost uncle-aunties comes up with their advise box. And you have to listen to sit and listen to it all with a big smile. Sometimes these advise helps and other times they scare us more. And half of them don't even make any sense. So, to help you out and plan your wedding smoothly, we bring you 5 wedding hacks that actually works. Note it all!

#1 Organized Trousseau!
This one advise is often overlooked by brides-to-be, but it's important. Make sure you organize your clothes in separate little bags in your trousseau, so that it becomes easy for you to find out what you want while getting ready in a new place. It will not only save your time but will also save you from awkward situations. 

#2 Save your food budget!
Indian weddings becomes the reason to be the talk of town, no matter how good the arrangements are and food is. The people has a say in everything, so why spend large amount on food budget when you can save your money on it. Opt for less quantity but quality food that everyone falls in love with. It's one of the first thing you need to realize how to save on money and spend it something good, like your honeymoon.

#3 Walk a lot in Heels!
Remember, brides-to-be if you want to stay a happy bride all through the night, then don't forget to practice in those beautiful heels. A fresh new pair of heels will do no good to you, rather it will make your feet tired soon and the pain will show on your face, So, to avoid this, don't forget to practice in it.

#4 No New Makeup!
Make sure your makeup artist doesn't experiment something new on your face, that you haven't tried before or unsure about. Since, a little mistake can ruin your big day. To know what works best for you and what not, go for makeup trial before you big day. As it will help you know what looks work best for you.

If you have any advise, do share with our #Wedstreetstyle readers by dropping a comment below!

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