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Girls! Gear Up For This Amazing Lipstick That Has Liner & The Colour All In One!


Accept it we girls are so lazy, at times we forget lining our lips and put on the lipstick and later crib that our lipstick doesn't stay for long. Well, not to worry, here is a lipstick that will change your makeup game forever. The Benefit Cosmetic brand recently launched a lipstick that has inbuilt liner, yes a liner and a lipstick all in one (what else do we need). 

The New Lip Liner Lipstick!
The idea of their product is simple to get fuller lips with just one swipe and one stick, so they come up with this brand new lipstick that has a lip liner and lip colour all in one tear shape stick. The darker one is the lip liner and the lighter one is the colour that fills up your lips and make them look fuller. It's easy to use and contours your lips perfectly. 

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