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Smart Navigation And Fitness Tracking Insoles From Lechal WOWed Me On My Trek!


Last few weeks were spent traveling, discovering new brands and taking life slowly hence I was missing in action (or rather blogging)! Having said that, the highlight was a trek to the unexplored mountains at Jammu & Kashmir that also happens to be my second home owing to my husband’s posting. It had been sometime since both of us went on a getaway or travelled after our wedding considering we were moving places, setting up our new house, transiting into our newer roles and then I was constantly traveling for work. So the beginning of this month was spent breaking away from our usual (busy) routines and hiking together. What did aid the entire travel plan or rather the route map were my Lechal insoles that I did showcase you guys on my social media handles. We didn’t know our trek route as much but the wearable pods that went inside my shoe tracked the entire way and helped us navigate HANDSFREE! Sounds interesting, right? Well then do read my entire experience of using the smart insoles and why I think Lechal products are a great investment. 

For those of you who asked me as to how do the insoles track my route or calories etc, well here is the explanation- Lechal features two pods that are rectangular in shape and are supposed to be slipped inside the insoles or the buckles that come in the package. For regular shoes, I cut the insoles as per my size and then inserted it in my shoes. The insoles thus become your wearable navigation systems, communicating with the user's smartphone via Bluetooth. So on the Lechal app you can configure the map and then in order to go from current location to the destination, the insoles cause the vibrations (making the shoe vibrate) and signal the shoe to turn either left or right as applicable. 

The insoles are sturdy and thick and while you may not be too pleased to add another layer to your shoe, the insole sets in smoothly (especially if its your sports/trekking shoes). The insoles are anti-bacterial and washable too so you need not worry about them wearing off especially in an adventure trip. We hiked more than 30 kms, with breaks of course and not once did I have to look into my phone for the directions. While we trusted the Lechal pods with directions, the data collection it does really make the overall difference. Our stretch from Patnitop to the hills was accurately navigated via Lechal and that for me is a winning aspect! 

For the starters, there are unique vibration patterns for different kinds of turns and even for rerouting. With the app, one can also set specific waypoints along the route and did I tell you that we ended up downloading maps before hand and used it for offline use. 

The pods once charged function until 3 days, They come with a two-battery USB charger that responds to audio cues such as finger snaps, by emitting an audio tone of its own that indicates the charge level of the lithium-polymer batteries.

So while navigation is the key USP, Lechal can contribute greatly to your daily fitness. The inbuilt fitness tracking system counts steps, track calories burned, and create collaborative workouts. One charge should be good for seven days worth of use. I also found the charging dock to be convenient and easy to carry (though I didn’t require it at all for our trip). This wearable technology is here to stay and is a blessing for travelers who intend to unravel destinations with no mapped routes and explore the unexplored. 

You can get more information on Lechal insoles HERE & buy it on Amazon. 

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  1. Wow! It looks like a great techonology

  2. I am a fitness freak, and this technology is perfect for me.

  3. I think I already got my treking partner! Can't wait to try this

  4. I came across the insoles on one of your Instagram posts and thought if it was really useful to someone other than a special part of the society. I saw the story and was so convinced to buy these for my husband and I am adventure enthusiasts and am always on a look out for gears and gadgets that can aid our journey. We have found our insoles and hoping for them to work in our next trip. I will email you and also tell you about our travel blog that we write on. Let’s connect super soon. Best Wishes.