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#WorldTourismDay: 7 Breathtaking Places Indians Can Travel To Without Any Visa!


Hello travelers, happy world tourism day! To celebrate this super day we decided to do a post that can help you plan your next travel or a holiday to any foreign land. So in case you are worried about the visa and stuff, well please don't as we have listed some of the countries which provide you a visa on the arrival. And believe us, these places are breathtaking. Take a look and get inspired...

Thailand abounds with rivers, valleys and gorges, these places are beautiful and you will enjoy it for sure.

2. Maldives:
Maldives is an Island which is away from city life and close to the nature. Maldives is known for it's blue oceans and white beaches.

3. Indonesia:
Indonesia is surrounded by all the natural beauty. There are several Islands with sea water. The traveler can enjoy the beauty of historical, natural and cultural attractions.

4. Cambodia:

In this place there are a lot of breathtaking legendary temples, there are Islands with white sands and turquoise green waters. You will find open air restaurants near the Islands. It is also surrounded by rolling hills, jungles and wildlife.

5. Comoros:
Comoros is surrounded with warm tropical weather, white sandy beaches, Comorian beaches are considered more beautiful beaches of the world.

6. Fiji:
Fiji has 300 plus Islands with the natural beauty for those who love eco-friendly adventure. There are many water resorts, eco parks and open beaches where one can enjoy the beauty of the nature.

7. Tuvalu:
Tuvalu is considered as one of the safest places in the world to visit. Tuvalu consists of three riff islands which are beautiful that you must explore.

Hope these places are inspiring enough for you to plan your next travel! Like what you read, please keep coming back for more.

- Akriti for @TeamGuiltyBytes

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