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5 Best Intimate Washes Available in India


We all know how important it is to maintain impeccable hygiene of our intimate area because if not kept clean a lot of serious infections can be caused.Using your regular body soap or shower gel is generally not recommended as it can disrupt the pH that needs to be maintained down there.Hence it's important to use an intimate area wash.

Here are top 5 recommended washes

1.Sebamed Feminine Intimate Wash: This intimate wash by sebamed is dermatologically tested and claims to clean the area extremely well and keep it well hygienic It is 100% alkali and soap free as well.

2.V wash Intimate Hygiene: This wash is very rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.It leaves behind a healthy and fresh feeling down there.
It is free from any parabens and prevents any unpleasant odors or irritation.

3.Oriflame Intimate Wash: This one is gynaecologically tested, and has lactic acid with blossom extract.It's a pretty good product to keep the area clean and fresh and help in avoiding any infections.

4.Clean and Dry Intimate Wash and Foam: It contains Aloe Vera and vitamin B3.It nourishes and removes dullness.It also contains Tea Tree which is good for the sensitive area.It is pH balanced to keep the intimate area fresh and hygienic.It's one of the most preferred intimate washes in the  Indian market.

5.Richfeel Intimate Wash: The richfeel intimate wash protects against the infection, odor and irritation, also helps cure dryness by maintaining the pH balance required to be maintained in the area for hygiene.It has a very pleasant fragrance and instantly gives a very fresh feeling,

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