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8 Benefits Of Lacto Calamine!


Beauty Feature Written By Aakriti Bhargava Kulkarni

1.Lacto calamine can be used as a daily moisturizer.Its a perfect product to be used for nourishment.

2.It is an amazing product for someone with mild acne and pimples,It really helps to soothe them and dries out the blemishes quickly .It can be used as a spot treatment as well for reducing the size of acne or pimple.

3.Lacto Calamine acts as a very good face primer,It helps the make upto stay for a longer duration and also smoothens out the skin texture for an even base.

4. 4.It is very good for protecting the skin from sun damage and the polluting agents present outside .Its extremely claming for the face.

5.It helps in reducing rashes and redness that can be caused due to side effect of some product.

6.Lacto Calamine helps in removing the dead skin from the face.

7.Ladies who are constantly struggling with the issue of blackheads and whiteheads should definitely give this one a try as it helps in eliminating the blackheads.

8.As lacto calamine perfectly evens out the skin tone and makes it super smooth,its a great product for ladies who do not like using any foundation or BB cream and they would be good to go .It even brightens up the face and keeps you oil free all day .

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