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Review & Swatches: Nykaa SKINgenius Sculpting & Hydrating Liquid Foundation


Halfway through 2017 and dewy skin or dewy makeup look still tops my list of a perfect face of the day. While I have stocked my share of highlighters, a hydrated skin makes for a flawless makeup look, isn’t it? Nykaa’s all new SKINGenius liquid foundations have become a talk of the town and rightfully so for it gives a great coverage and adds the perfect dash of the glow that you need in your vanity. I am going to keep the review pretty simple and here are some parameters that have made the Nykaa SKINGenius liquid foundation a cut above the rest for me…

Hydration: The Nykaa SKINGenius liquid foundation comes with a really talked about Hyaluronic acid that keeps your face hydrated and plumps up fine lines. Basically, Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance in skin that has the stunning capacity to attract and hold vast amounts of moisture. One usage and I didn’t feel my skin to be dry at any point of the day

Adaptable Foundation: OK, so this attribute is a winner for me! The foundation just adapts to your skin tone even if you mistakenly buy a wrong shade i.e, one or two shades lighter/ darker than your actual skin tone. To testify this, I tried two shades on half side each of my face and it’s perfect to go with our Indian skintones. 

Dewy & Lightweight: With a very good coverage, the next to nothing foundation by Nykaa feels very lightweight on the skin and adds a glow onto the skin’s surface, thus making it a great choice for illumination of the skin. 

Tailored made shades: Their 5 shades are tailored to match Indian skin tones and our hot weather conditions. The shades are available in colours-  Pure Ivory 01, Almond Beige 02, Warm Sand 03, True Tan 04, Golden Honey 05

Price: It’s priced at INR 575 FTW! 

I love how illuminated my skin looks using the Nykaa SKINgenius Sculpting & Hydrating Liquid Foundation and my most matched shade is 03, almond beige.

Shade 01, PURE IVORY


Shade 03, WARM SAND 

 Shade 04, TRUE TAN

 Shade 05, Golden Honey

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  1. ordered warm sand texture but I didn't get the same texture, shown in picture,,, and when I switched to return option for not getting the right one,, they rejected my return option by intending that I have used that on my hand and i only put that on my hand to check and match the texture,,, Instead of saying it all they refused to help me