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4 Best Under Eye Creams To Treat Dark Circles & Puffiness Available In India !


I cannot even tell you how much I dread my under eye bags and circles each day of my life. Am sure everyone struggles with the same.Dark struggles are a real pain and once they are there, it takes a while to reduce them and make the darkness go away.
I have realized that a good under eye cream should be a part of our daily skin care regime and should be religiously applied each day at least once.

Here I am listing 4 really good Creams That would help you fight this battle!

1.Juicy chemistry Coffee and Green Tea Infused Under Eye Cream: This one retails for INR350 is a very gentle under eye cream. It contains coffee and green tea infused oil along with almond oil, shea butter, lavender oil, Vitamin E as well. All these ingredients work so well for removing the darkness under the eyes. It's a perfect product to add to your skin care regime and it'll definitely do wonders in treating the under eye area.

2.Just Herbs l'clear Green Tea Cucumber Nourishing Under Eye Gel: This product is priced at INR595 for 50 gm of product.It's a very nourishing under eye gel filled with the goodness of green tea and cucumber that are absolutely great for under eyes.It's a very lightweight and gentle under eye gel. It's really good to refresh and reduce the puffiness as well.

3.Soul Tree Green Tea Under Eye Cream: This under eye cream is filled with the goodness of aloe vera gel, basil, and green tea, which are all great for the skin.It also contains pure rose water that really helps to provide the freshness and reduce the puffiness.This will also give good nourishment to the under eyes which in turn will reduce the darkness.This product retails for INR250.

4.L'Oreal Youth Code Under Eye Cream: This one retails for INR899 for 15ml of a product.This under eye gel is known to be a very promising product which helps in rejuvenating the under eye skin, reduce wrinkles and dark circles and also remove puffiness.It's a very good quality and an effective product.

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