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5 Amazing Benefits of Castor Oil For Hair, Skin & Beauty!


Castor Oil is like a miracle oil, used for so many things like Our hair, skin, and health.It's got a lot of benefits and makes it a super all arounder sort of oil. Here are 5 Best Benefits that you can Get Out of Castor Oil!

1.Thicken Your Hair: Castor Oil works amazingly well when it comes to thickening of hair Because of the presence of Omega 6 and Omega 9 Fatty Acids. Massaging your hair with Castor can do wonders definitely.

2.Grow and Thicken Your Eyebrows: This is definitely one of my favorite benefits of Castor Oil. Castor oil beautifully thickens and promotes the growth of eyebrows so if you are someone dealing with light eyebrows then castor oil is your best friend.

3 .Treat Dark Lips: If you wish for beautifully flushed pink lips then castor is all you need to get that.It greatly helps in lightening the dark lips over a period of time.

4.Castor Oil Can be Used After Waxing: Waxing can often give you goose bumps or redness .best thing to prevent this is to apply castor oil right after your done with your waxing session.It will prevent the inflammation and redness.

5.Castor Oil as an Alternative To Shaving Creams: If at times you cannot get hold of your shaving cream then castor oil is there to help you out. It makes the shaving process very smooth and easy.

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