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Simple & Easy Guide To Color Correcting !


Color Correcting is a beauty trend that everyone's been buzzing about. The basic idea behind color correcting is to neutralize facial discolorations by applying contrasting makeup shades over them. The whole concept is basically based on the Color Wheel.

Color Correctors come in various shades that address specific complexion concerns you might have.
Basically, there are about 5 color correcting shades used widely.I'm listing down how each color can help you correct different issues on the skin.

In the left side -I have color corrected my under eye area with an orange corrector and the right side has no color correction , You can see the difference color correction can make! 
  • GREEN : A green color corrector is used to cancel out or neutralize any redness on any type of skin.It works like magic if you want the redness to completely hide from your face .
  • YELLOW : It works well in canceling out purple/blue tones and even corrects Mild redness on the face.
  • Purple/Lavender: It works pretty well in neutralizing and canceling out dark under eye circles on someone with a light to olive medium skin tone.It also greatly brightens the under eye area.
  • Orange : An orange corrector greatly helps in canceling out dark cirlces,acne spots, hyperpigmentation on someone with a medium to deep skin tone .
  • Peach/Apricot : The peach color is used to correct dark spots,dark circles, pigmentation on people with light to medium skin tone.
The way to apply a color corrector is to use a little bit and concentrate only on the problems areas , blend the product well and then go ahead with your regular foundation and concealer.Color Correcting makes a huge difference to the whole look.

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