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5 Tips For Using Hot Rollers To Get Waves Like Pro !


If beachy waves are your thing and you cannot handle a curling iron then hot rollers can be your best friend.Today's rollers are super easy to use can will give you gorgeous, bouncy waves with a lot of volumes.
To get the best of out of rollers Try these 5 tips mentioned.

1.Make sure that your hair is completely dry before you use hot rollers.A good blow dry before you curl your hair will help the surface of the hair to lay flat which will give your finished look more volume and the style will be held for a longer time.

2.Always start wrapping your hair from the mid strand.This will help you get better-looking waves and even softer and more natural.I feel if you start wrapping the ends they have a tendency to get too much curl, that might look very made up.

3.Use a Thermal Protector before using Hot rollers, this would help to hold the shape without being really stiff.

4. A very simple and an easy way to apply rollers is to part your hair in a mohawk style.Create three large sections and apply rollers straight down the middle, then proceed to add rollers to the side.

5. If you feel that your hair has become too curly and looks pretty made up then run a flat iron through the strand quickly to release it a bit.You could also just flat iron the ends to make them look better.

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  1. Beachy waves are amazing, never tried hot rollers.