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5 Ways to Simplify Your Beauty Routine With Vaseline !


We are always obsessed with the latest beauty products available in the market, but there is a reason why some of our products have been an all time classic.One of them is Vaseline.It's a multitasking miracle cream and can do a lot of wonders to our skin.
Am listing down 5 Amazing beauty hacks of vaseline that can make your life easier.

1.Highlight Cheekbones: Highlighters and illuminators are all the rage, But vaseline can do the same thing for you, Just dab a little vaseline on the high points of your face to get a beautifully highlighted glow with a dewy finish.

2.Define Lashes Naturally: Vaseline can give you shiny and thicker looking lashes, just apply a little vaseline on your lashes to make them look longer and have more volume, Vaseline also helps to grow the lashes over a period of time.

3.Tame Stubborn Eyebrows: Smoothing some Vaseline over brows will keep them in place all day.For a sleeker look, you can follow up with styling your lashes with a brow comb.

4.Heal Sunburned Skin: Liberally apply vaseline on the sunburned area of your body, peeling .this will help lock in the moisture to your dried out skin and prevent skin peeling.

5.Boost Your Eye Serum: Applying vaseline over your eye serum or face cream can double the strength of the products because vaseline prevents moisture evaporation. 

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