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In Review :Lime Face Wash Nakedly Yours !


I'm a huge fan of Organic Brands and the products, they seem so amazing to me and I feel they actually do work pretty well.Today am going to review this product from Nakedly Yours its called the Zing Lime Face Wash

The face wash is priced at INR175 and is available at the nakedly yours site :

It's a super amazing face wash with great ingredients present.It has a beautiful freshness of zesty lemon and is very beneficial for the skin. The face wash effectively helps in removing dead skin cells and making it brighter and clearer, minimiseIt really helped me reduce the sun tan I had on my face.I also have a bad issue of large pores and this one helped minimize the pore issue.I instantly feel fresh in the morning after I use this cleanser and its fragrance is super good.The consistency is thin and lathers up really well.

It's a perfectly pocket-friendly affordable face wash which is organic and has many benefits, It doesn't even dry my skin and that's something I really look for in a face wash.
Definitely, try this one out!

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