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Makeup Tips For Our Dry Skin Beauties !


Applying Makeup On Dry Skin can be such a painful job at times.Dry skin can become like our enemy.
Here are few Tips which can help you have a better application of your makeup if you have Dry Skin.

  • Hydrate ! Hydrate ! Hydrate ! : Your body and face need to be well hydrated from the inside as we as outside. Drink lots of water and always moisturize your face with a lotion or cream meant for dry skin.
  • Exfoliating sometimes before your makeup application can help you out a bit more, as this will remove the dead dry skin and the skin wouldn't look flaky.
  • Use a good hydrating eye cream as the area under the eye is more sensitive and can get more drying which in turn will end up looking bad with makeup application.
  • Use foundations that have hydrating qualities, or are meant for dry skin.It's best to stay away from Mattifying foundation as those can look bad on the face and settle in your dry patches.
  • The best tool for application of base makeup for anyone with a dry skin would be A Beauty Sponge as it won't irritate your skin and cause it to flake out and give your face a beautiful even finish.
  • Don't "Over Powder" Your face in order to set it.Use only little bit all over the face also because your skin is not naturally producing oils all day long so a heavy layer of a compact is not required.
  • Cream products for blushes, contour, highlighting can be your best friend for Makeup as they won't over dry your face.  Always remember to go in for products that are nourishing for the skin!  

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