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Makeup Tutorial : Quick and Easy Work/College Makeup !


We all want to look presentable while we are at work or college and makeup holds a major importance in it.An easy and quick makeup look is all we need to seal the deal. Here is a quick and a very easy makeup look that is perfect for an everyday makeup for your office or college.

  • We all know that the first and foremost is always about prepping the skin well.Use a light weight moisturizer and a SPF to protect your skin from the sun rays.After this go ahead with a primer to smoothen out the skin and increase the longevity of the makeup.If you are not comfortable with using a primer every day you can use an aloe vera gel as well.
  • Start by using a BB cream that suits your skin shade, For this look, i have used the Garnier BB cream, you could even go ahead with a light weight foundation if you wish to.Apply the BB cream/foundation all over your face and then blend it well using your finger, sponge or a brush.Use a second layer only if you feel you would require more coverage.
  • Once the foundation is done set it nicely with a good loose powder or compact especially concentrating on areas where you tend to sweat more.You can re-apply a light layer of powder any time of the day again.I have used the Faces Go Chic Compact Powder.
  • Now that the base is done, grab your favorite eyeliner and make a nice sober wing with it.I think winged eyeliner look gorgeous and compliments every type of eye structure.I cannot do without my mascara and I would say that a coat of mascara and can really help you enhance your eye features more and it totally opens up the eyes.I have used Sugar Eyeliner and the Maybelline Volume Express Mascara here.
  • To add a little color on my cheeks a light smooth blush is just perfect.I have used a bit of Maybelline Cheeky Glow Blush in the shade Fresh Coral.
  • For work or office or college, I feel a nice nude lip shade look great and subtle.You can even just use a lip balm. For this look, I have used the Maybelline Colorshow lipstick in the shade Mysterious Mocha.It's one my favorite nude lip shades.
So this my way of doing makeup for work, you can definitely alter and add whatever you feel.Just walk out with a big smile and confidence and your good to go!

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