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New To Saree Draping? Take Inspiration From Professional Saree Draper To Flaunt Your Six-Yard Elegance!



All the soon-to-be-brides and young girls,
who know nothing about saree draping and only ties a saree by taking help of their mom or Youtube videos. You have landed to the right place, as #Wedstreetstyle team is about to break the notion that sarees are only for oldies. While doing our regular research, we stumbled upon one Instagram page of professional saree draper Dolly Jain and we were mesmerized with her talent of draping saree.

Know More About Dolly Jain Professional Saree Draper!
Frankly I was thrilled to know about a professional saree draper who can tie a six yard piece in 325 different ways. She holds a world record of tying the saree in so many different ways. And her saree draping style is loved by all from celebrity to popular fashionistas.

Check out her saree draping styles for girls of all ages!

#1 The Bengali Saree Drape!

A post shared by Dolly Jain (@dolly.jain) on

#2 Here is another interesting saree drape, that only requires a beautiful blouse and style it over the pallu and not inside!

A post shared by Dolly Jain (@dolly.jain) on

#3 Drape your Banarasi saree with this amazing front drape and  you only need a corset style blouse for it.

A post shared by Dolly Jain (@dolly.jain) on

#4 This one is the most unique drape by ditching the usual front pleats and tying those pleats at the back.

A post shared by Dolly Jain (@dolly.jain) on

#5 This saree drape is perfect for the modern girls always saying no to a saree!
A post shared by Dolly Jain (@dolly.jain) on

Connect with Dolly Jain Here!

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