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Proven : This Dynamic Duo Can Help You Get From Fat To Fit!


Honey and cinnamon are two natural ingredients with multiple health benefits.

These two ingredients accelerate metabolism, burn fat and help reduce stress levels.
Both cinnamon and honey have specific benefits that can help you on your journey to good health.While it’s no magic bullet for weight loss, it can be used in conjunction with a proper diet and exercise to accelerate the rate of weight lost, and help you get past food cravings more quickly.


Many of cinnamon’s fantastic properties come from one substance, something called cinnamaldehyde, which is naturally present in cinnamon.

Benefits of Cinnamon:

May reduce blood sugar.
Contains antioxidants.
Fights bacteria.
May lower lipid levels (cholesterol).
May lower the negative effects of high fat meals when consumed after the meal. 


High in antioxidants
May prevent ulcers and other GI conditions.
Helps with cough and sore throat.
Proven to enhance athletic performance when consumed with dried figs.
May help with blood sugar regulation as it breaks down more slowly than simple sugar in the body.
Check out these simple ways to include these in your daily diet.

1. Start your day with cinnamon and honey water:

Just boil a cinnamon stick in water and add some honey to it. You can also add other spices like cardamom, pepper, ginger,mint or lemon to it in order to make a cinnamon tea and give your body a kick start.

2. Drink cinnamon water during the day:

Sprinkle cinnamon powder in water and sip on it during the day, especially between the meals this will make feel full while eating less.

3. Add it to juices or coffee

Simply use honey instead of sugar in your coffee or tea and add a pinch of cinnamon powder to get enhanced taste.

4. Add it to your meals.

You can start adding a piece of cinnamon to dishes to give them a traditional taste making it even more weight-friendly.

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