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Randhir Kapoor Opens Up On Ranbir Kapoor's Wedding Rumours!


Few days back, there were rumors doing the rounds that Ranbir Kapoor will opt for arrange marriage. He also visited to London with his mother Neetu Kapoor to meet a girl. Recently, in an interview to HT, Ranbir's uncle Randhir Kapoor opens up on his wedding rumors and said," Ranbir is having a terrific time with all the success and the money he’s got, and age being in his favour too. Why does he have to get married and spoil it all so soon?" 

He also shared the bond he share with Ranbir,"At times, I envy him because I was nowhere at his age—with the kind of success and moolah that he’s got. He’s doing very well and I’m so proud. Little ups and downs and high and low tides are there in everyone’s career. This happens and it’s a passing phase, so that’s completely alright."

There is no marriage on the cards for Ranbir? 

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