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Tips for Long Lasting Makeup For Summers !


Effective application of makeup and using appropriate makeup products is one of the major keys to make the makeup last long and look all fresh.
  • First and foremost, it's important to prep the skin well before using any makeup.A good moisturizer according to your skin type should be applied and Please DONOT forget to apply sunscreen because we all know how important it is and especially in this bad heat.
  • The next thing one must do is to invest in a good primer, You won't realize but a primer can be your best friend in helping the makeup stay for long .Primer becomes even more important during summers as it'll help in keeping the makeup in place and even reduce sweating.There are a variety of primers available for different skin types and concerns.
  • Once the skin is prepped well, you need to look for a foundation that's light weight and more towards the mattifying side also a good long lasting foundation should be used, because they contain ingredients that help the makeup stay for long hours.
  • Always set your face with a powder, A loose powder or compact is again a very important step it helps control oil which in turn will avoid breaking or creasing of your foundation or concealer.You can always carry a compact powder in your bag and reapply if required.
  • To avoid the eyeliner from fading or peeling what you can do is first apply it with an eye pencil liner and lightly powder it, then top it up with your liquid or gel liner.This trick really helps a lot to keep that eyeliner in place.
  • Go for earthy peachy toned blushes, as they look more natural and pretty in summers especially.You can first use a light cream blush and top it up with a light powder blush.This will help the blush have the color for longer hours.
  • If you want to apply an eye shadow, then do not forget to first prime your eyes and then use a concealer on the area and setting it again with a light face powder.
  • The best way to keep your lip color in place by first using a gentle coat of a lip balm to avoid any dryness there and then using a lip liner.After applying the Lip Liner gently dust your lips with some powder and then apply a good quality, long lasting lipstick.

All these tricks will definitely help your makeup to have a better longevity! Do give them a shot.

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