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Tricks Into Getting The Best Bridal Photos By The WedMeGood Bride


So your lehenga is bought, you booked the best makeup artist your money can buy and the stage for your dream wedding is all set. Except- there are a few things to keep in mind to ensure your bridal photos turn out as stunning as you have dreamt of. Read on...

Certain Colors photograph better

Outfits with more solid colors- think a plain rich jewel tone with embroidery photographs much better than a light colored  outfit with a lot of different patterns going on. Specially if you have a night time wedding- ensure you don't wear colors that wash you out and stick to rich, deep hues.

A Lifted chin/ Tilted neck is the most flattering angle

Want to give an illusion of a longer neck , or have a round face and want to show your angles ? Then lift your chin to stretch out that gorgeous neck of yours and tilt your head slightly so that you don't look at the camera straight. Your face looks slimmer and so much more beautiful

Play with your dupatta

Some of the most gorgeous photos come when you play with light and your dupatta. The sheer dupatta in front of the lens, or with the sunlight filtering through it make some of the most gorgeous photos. Also try one by making your dupatta a veil and only letting your nosering, and lips show. Super editorial and one to frame.

Preventing the tummy bulge
You know what we are talking about- the minute you sit down at the stage and that teeny tiny tummy bulges out from under your blouse. It's totally cool, and we don't think you should care but if you don't want it in photos, ensure your put your dupatta ever so slightly over your tummy to prevent it.

Breathing tricks= Real smile

If you take in a deep breath and smile, your posture immediately improves with your tummy looking flatter, your chest area looking more straight. Then as soon as the photographer is going to click, let your your breath out and smile without losing the posture. Your face looks more relaxed and your smile looks more genuine.

Certain makeup products should be avoided
The Makeup Forever Powder has super high reflective qualities which means it makes all your photos look super flashy !!! In general products with high SPF cause white flashes so ensure your makeup artist doesn't use those.

Choose your photographer wisely:

No matter how much you splurge on your wedding outfit, decor, venue or even the food, there is only one thing which will be with you forever - your wedding pictures. So, choose your photographer only after doing a lot of research. The best way is to search for wedding photographers online, see their wedding pictures, read reviews, compare prices and then chose the best one for you. Online wedding planning platforms like help you find best wedding photographers in Mumbai, Delhi or your wedding city. 

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