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2 Amazing Home Remedies To Cure Chapped Lips Easily !


Having Chapped or extremely dry lips can be tough and even painful at times . It can also get awkward when the lips seem like they are all peeling off. So here I am telling you 2 remedies that can cure this issue for you. These have personally worked for me a lot .

  • A slice of Cucumber: We often use cucumber for our face and cucumber contians a lot of ingredients that help hydrate our skin . The same goes for our lips . Dry and chapped lips can be easily cured using a cucumber slice . Just take a slice of cucumber and rub it on your lips twice a day , it'll help fight the dryness that you experience.
  • Take a Teaspoon of olive oil , brown sugar and some honey . Mix them well and form a paste like consistency of it . Once the paste is made , Put this in freezer and let it become and turn into a thick balm , You can easily use this whenever you feel dryness on the lips . This way you have a DIY lip balm as well as something that will help you cure chapped lips.

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