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2 Amazing Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Eye Bags !


Eye bags can be so annoying and can make us look so tired and lifeless most of the time.They often make the skin look dull and make you feel unattractive

Here are two Amazing remedies that fill help you get rid of these Eye Bags !

  1. One very amazing and easy way to get of puffy eyes is to use tea bags . They work wonders actually and can also provide instant relief . Soak Two Tea Bags in warm water for about 5 minutes ,Once done Put them over your eyes and let it be there for about 10 minutes .Do this thrice or four times a week to get best results ,This can even be done on a daily basis.
  2. Even Egg white does wonder to our eyes . All you need to do is take 1 egg white and a soft brush . Whip the egg white in a bowl, until it becomes stiff.Using a soft brush apply the egg white under your eyes and let it dry for some time .Wash it off with lukewarm water after about 20 minutes .

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