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Make Your Own Peel Off Mask At home To Get A Beautiful Looking Skin !


I'm sure everyone is familiar with peel off masks and how effective they are . Peel off masks is a huge rave nowadays as well. If you didn't know you can make your own peel off mask at home in few very easy steps.This peel off mask will deep clean your face and give you a beautiful looking skin.

  • You will 2-3 table spoons of milk and 1 table spoon of gelatin.
  • To make this peel off mask , firstly ass in 1 table spoon of gelatin and then add 3 table spoons of milk .
  • Stir and mix well and let it be for good 10 minutes , so that the gelatin can dissolve .
  • Now heat the mixture for about 30 seconds to get a creamy consistency.
  • Now very carefully apply this paste on your face avoiding the eyebrow area as it can get painful while removing.
  • Let the mask dry for about good 20 -25 minutes and once done peel it off and wash your face.

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