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7 Emotions Every Girl Feels Seeing Her Sister Getting Married!


Sisters are the first best friend!

"No matter how much we fight, no matter how much we irritate each other, I can never imagine 'me without you'. And seeing you go away, all ready for a new life, makes me feel nostalgic and want to steal a little more time, as soon you will forget me."
This is the emotions every girl  feels seeing her sister getting married. We might look like the happiest person on earth, who won't have to listen to her chik-chik anymore, but we are dealing with lot of emotions inside. So, to give all the sisters a laugh and happy tears, we bring you 7 emotions that we all can relate with.
Share it with you sisters now!

#1 Happiness of seeing her move out!
Yes, we are the happiest imaging that the entire room will be ours to enjoy, and she is entering the happiest phase of her life. But deep down you know life won't be same as before. You won't be able to irritate her like before.

#2 Her closet!
You will get her closet, so no more sneaking into her closet and stealing that pretty dress, you can now officially claim it.

#3 Shopping time!
Finally, your fashionista skills can now be used. You turn into complete fashion expert for all her functions and trousseau needs.

#4 Personal wedding expert!
The felling of becoming her personal Pinterest board cannot be compared to any worldly achievement.  

#5 Who will come to your rescue!
Another feeling that will haunts you now is that who will come to your rescue when you feel lonely or you if you had that little fight with your mom. 

#6 Gifts! Gifts Gifts!
Yes, another emotion is that you will get gifts not just by your sister alone but the Jiju too. *Wink* *Wink* 

#7 Imagining a life without her!
You had lived all your life with her, and now suddenly she is all set to live with someone else. The emotions are hard to digest. I don't know what will I do without you!

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