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How to Use Black Tea To Stop Hair Shedding !


Who knew that even Tea's can be super amazing for our hair and can have many benefits. I'm sure this post will help out people who suffer from hair fall or hair shedding and really need something to stop it. We all love our hair and are ready to spend as much as we can to make them look perfectly gorgeous.Instead of spending lots of money, go ahead and try Black Tea and am sure you'll love the results.

Black tea has super amazing ingredients present that are very beneficial in every way.As we all know Black Tea is very high in caffeine.Due to caffeine's acidic nature and ability to remove DHT from the scalp , it massively reduces hair fall.Not only does Black Tea reduce hair shedding, it also provides softness, volume and shine to hair.

  • Take about 3 cups of water in a tea container and put it to boil ,Add 4-5 teaspoons of black tea, you can even use tea bags. and let it simmer for about 15 minutes.Once done, turn off the gas and let the tea calm down and come to a normal temperature.
  • Now, after this just pour the tea into a container or a Mug and once your done washing your hair , Use this as your last rinse.
  • Do this everytime u wash your hair and you will definitely see the results.

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